You’ve heard this one before: “We’re a group of highly experienced people with a wide variety of backgrounds who’ve worked in traditional roles for x-amount of years.” That’s the sort of thing you’d expect to read here. And while it’s all very true, if we did things the same old same old way then you’d learn nothing about who we really are.

Here at Light Engine, we like to think we’re nothing like the light industry norm. That’s because all those years spent working in traditional roles at traditional design companies has changed the very core of us, igniting a fire that collectively revs our engine – driving us to become something more than traditional. [To rock the boat. Shake things up.] To start a revolution in an otherwise stagnant lighting industry. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. By harnessing the full, artistic potential of LED’s, we bend light in ways not possible from traditional lighting methods. Now THAT’S what we’re talking about.